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Thank you for visiting Energy and Light Healings. My name is Shirley French Reichstadt I was originally called to John of God in Brazil several years ago. During my visits, I received crystal light therapy, spiritual surgeries, spiritual interventions and deep meditation in the Casa's current rooms. On my most recent visit, the Entities, working through John of God, told me that my work is energy and light. They prepared a Crystal Light especially for my use. Thus began Energy and Light Healings. I look forward to sharing this wonderful healing therapy with you here in Santa Fe, N.M.


We use seven Brazilian crystals which are aligned with the body's energy centers, the chakras, that spin energy through the energetic and meridian systems. Pulsating colored light is shone through each crystal in an alternating pattern creating an amplification of vital energy.

Crystal Light Therapy

img This Crystal Light Therapy was designed by John of God at the Casa de Dom Inacio, a spiritual healing center in Abadiania, Brazil. John is possibly one of the most powerful mediums of our time. He is able to incorporate certain highly evolved spirits, known as the Entities. These Entities of Light perform miraculous surgeries and healings through John. The Crystal Light Table is a healing modality often prescribed by the Entities to help balance, clear and restore the body’s energetic template.

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